Kahlmi Baby Massager

By Kahlmi


Ready to massage and soothe baby? Meet Kahlmi. The first baby massager that puts the clinically proven power of baby massage into your hands. Whether it's teething, constipation, fussiness or gas, the Kahlmi baby massage wand is the daily calm you'll never want to be without. Perfect for parents and caretakers looking for natural and holistic solutions to support growth, bonding & development.

Benefits of Daily Baby Massage

• Better Sleep & Relaxation
• Improved Digestion
• Bonding
• Stronger Immunity
• Less Fussiness/Crying
• Body Awareness
• Parental Confidence


• 3 stage-based, low-level vibrational settings
• Baby-safe & non-toxic: BPA, PVC, LEAD and PHTHALATE FREE
• Soft, edible-grade silicone
• Ergonomic, award-winning design
• Conforms to baby’s smaller anatomical scale
• Acu-touch feet for gentle foot/hand reflexology
• Anti-microbial
• Water resistant
• Whisper-quiet operation
• Rechargeable
Created by a certified infant massage instructor and Mom of 2 boys
Helps alleviate common baby ailments including teething, constipation, gas, and restlessness.
What's in the box: Includes 1 Kahlmi Soothing Wand, 3 interchangeable massage heads, long-lasting rechargeable battery, soft travel pouch, and USB charging cord for convenient charging at home or on the go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Highly Recommend and Great Service!

As a new mom, I had no clue what I was doing. I stumbled upon Kalhmi’s page and used all the massage techniques with my then infant and still use them today (now a toddler), and I genuinely believe that all these techniques have helped my daughter from gas to teething pains. As soon as I saw that Elina was coming out with an infant massager, I signed up for the waitlist immediately. It was a game-changer once it arrived! A year later (almost), my daughter now picks it up and turns it on herself, and uses it when she is teething. I had some trouble with my product recently, and when I reached out, Elina resolved the issue immediately. I have to say I was so impressed as I was not expecting to hear from anyone. I highly recommend this for babies, this is an ingenious idea, and the company has excellent customer service. Win-win!

Kimberly De Cicco
Game changer!

The Kahlmi has been an absolute game changer for my son. We started using the Kahlmi when my little one was only 2 weeks old and has become a part of our daily routine. We use the Kahlmi for for tension, gas, bonding and more recently, teething. A must have product for any parent.

Sarah Franz
Love it!

We are loving the Kahlmi! My 14 month old has been teething and loves putting it in his mouth. The low vibrations seem to really soothe his gums. My four year old also loves it and begs to use it. Thank you for such a great product!

Meg G.
Worth it!

Baby Massage was always something I did with my first kiddo - now 2.5 years old - but Kahlmi is a game changer with my second. It is an INSTANT soother. Our second, now 6 months, loves his Kahlmi and we use it before his naps and before bedtime - it's a great part of our wind down routine and also a reliable signal to him that it's time to prepare to rest. Our toddler even helps out with the massage! 10/10 recommend. I have two - one for my diaper bag and one to keep at home.

Travel must have!

I got the massager for our trip to Columbia. I first introduced Kahlmi at home after a small tantrum, which is how they suggest you do it and it was magic! Her sad face suddenly turned into a soft gentle and relaxing smile. Here is Kennedy enjoying a gentle, self-administered massage while sitting in Medellin traffic. Genius!



"It's been a game changer for us. After going back to work after maternity leave, I needed something that would calm baby when I got home during the witching hour. It also really improved our connection and it feels great having that focused, one-on-one time with my daughter. I also love how relaxed I feel after our massage sessions which is a nice bonus."
— Francesca
My baby had intense colic in the beginning but thankfully with your massager, it has completely vanished. I want to say a big thanks for your life-saving therapy. Your massage for constipation was a miracle. Within a few seconds, my baby pooped, which was due for 3 days. Since then whenever my baby is constipated or loose motion or has colic, I do the massage. You made our journey so smooth & joyful.
— Isha Deep Arya
"I always wanted to try baby massage but didn't know how to start. We started using Kahlmi right around the 4-month sleep regression. It really helped calm and relax him when we added it into our sleep routine. We do it every day now too since Grandma loves to massage him during the day."
— Laura
"Our family has fallen in love with Kahlmi. It's really a family activity for us since my husband gets home later in the day and now he gets to feel more involved. I love that it brings us closer as a family. And it really helps my son Amari when he's feeling gassy or teething. We use it all the time."
— Anzia


  • Promotes social, neural, emotional and cognitive development

  • Helps baby relax and release tensions of daily stimuli

  • Decrease in irritability and excessive crying

  • Reduction of gas, colic and digestive difficulties

  • Regulates behavioral states and promotes sleep

  • Strengthens and regulates primary systems (i.e., respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature, digestive and endocrine)

  • Promotes better understanding of infant cues

  • Enhances communication and emotional ties to baby

  • Increases confidence and handling skills

  • Provides quality one-on-one interaction

  • Encourages parents to unwind, relax, and listen to their baby


"Nurturing touch is essential for normal braindevelopment"

David Ginty, the HMS Edvard R. and Anne G.Lefler

Professor of Neurobiology. HARVARD

"Infant massage can enhance learning."

Infant Action Lab at New York University

Babies and toddlers given 15-minute massages prior to bedtime for one month fell asleep sooner than children who didn't receive massages.

Early Child Development and Care

Partners who massaged their infants reduced their stress signigicantly more than partners who skipped the baby massage session.

The Journal of Perinatal Education



Why do I need a massage tool?

We all tend to forget about the simplest things, all the time. Baby massage is not an exception. Apart from being a beautiful item to display, the Kahlmi is your physical reminder to connect with baby. Kahlmi’s ease of use and friendly design creates a daily habit and consistent use which has been shown to help baby's psychosocial, neurological and physical development.

How do I use Kahlmi?

1. Turn on your Kahlmi wand.

2. Select the appropriate setting for your baby’s stage:

1st setting: 0-6 months
2nd setting: 6 -1 year
3rd setting: 1 – 3 year

4. Gently place the Kahlmi wand on baby’s arm or legs to get them used to the sensation.

5. Let older babies touch or hold the Kahlmi to become more familiar. They love the sensation of holding the wand and the vibration will soothe them.

6. Then massage away. Follow our starter guide for simple, easy-to-learn daily massages.

Is Kahlmi safe for baby?

Kahlmi exceeds all EU and US safety certifications and has been tested by independent third-party laboratories. Kahlmi uses the same low frequency vibration found in neonatal percussors. These devices are used by respiratory therapists and have been shown to be safe and effective for neonatal applications. Babies love vibrations because it mimics their experience in the womb. Many products on today’s markets (swings, rockers, bassinets, etc.) use gentle vibrations that mimic the womb, which help babies find comfort and relaxation. While many of these products encourage separation of baby and caretaker, Kahlmi is designed to be the first interactive device that brings parents and babies closer together. Calming vibrations engage baby's developing tactile senses while allowing parents to engage in a bonding experience that will have a positive impact on both the baby and parent.

At what age can I use Kahlmi?

The Kahlmi was designed to be used with babies ages 0-3 year old. It is never too early to introduce Kahlmi to baby. The Kahlmi is designed with three low-level vibrational settings so you can experiment to see which setting your baby likes best.

How often should I massage baby with Kahlmi?

A daily massage habit has been shown to improve baby’s growth, neural and cognitive development. The effects of Kahlmi are cumulative, meaning that the more you use it the more benefits it will have for baby as well as parents. Use the Kahlmi as much as you’d like to help soothe baby at home and on the go while visiting the doctor, running errands or gatherings with family. Many parents report 1-2 times a day, morning and bedtime, as the ideal times to massage baby.

What is your return policy?

We know babies love Kahlmi and are sure yours will love it, too. Give them time to get used to the sensation and they will begin to look forward to this soothing massage experience and your time together. If for some reason, baby and mama want to return Kahlmi, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.