Why do I need a massage tool?

We all tend to forget about the simplest things, all the time (parent brain anyone?). Baby massage is not an exception. Apart from being a beautiful item to display, the Kahlmi is your physical reminder to connect with baby. Kahlmi’s ease of use and friendly design creates a daily habit and consistent use which has been shown to help baby’s psychosocial,
neurological and physical development.

Can’t I just use my hands to massage baby?

Our mission is to empower and educate parents to perform massage and experience the benefits of nurturing touch for themselves and their family. That said, we developed Kahlmi as an enhancement tool to help aid parents in performing massage. We found that the majority of parents experience a barrier to doing baby massage and that the Kahlmi massage wand helps them establish a quick and immediate connection and daily routine. Babies respond quickly and joyfully to the Kahlmi massage wand and learn to expect the soothing vibrations. Combined with your hands, the Kahlmi becomes a natural and joyful part of the massage routine.

What are the benefits of the Kahlmi™️ massage wand?

There are so many benefits to doing baby massage and using the Kahlmi massage system. Clinical studies have shown that baby massage can aid weight gain, improve baby sleep, relieve constipation and baby gas, irritability, boost brain development, and enhance social skills and bonding/connection with parents — among many other natural and holistic benefits. 

The massage benefits are “cumulative,” meaning that consistent daily use over a period of months will provide immense wellness and therapeutic benefits. It is important that you massage baby daily to maximize the powerful potential of baby massage. You will also find that the more you use Kahlmi to massage baby, the more comfortable and accepting your baby will become when receiving massage. Babies require a regular routine and enjoy the massage more when performed daily.

Are there any additional uses for Kahlmi™️?

Glad you asked! The Kahlmi massage wand is your daily calm and on-the-go soother all in one. There are a few other uses that parents may not be aware of. In addition to the benefits of a daily massage practice, Kahlmi helps with lactation, pumping and settling baby during nursing. By placing the Kahlmi wand on the breast area, the gentle vibration helps with milk let down and flow. Also, when feeding baby, using the Kahlmi massage wand to stroke baby’s legs and arms will help settle and calm baby so they can nurse more efficiently and stay awake during the feeding process.

The Kahlmi is also a wonderful tool for calming baby during wellness visits at doctors’ offices. Research has shown that using gentle massage 30 seconds prior to a shot can help block pain receptors. It is also a good tool for distracting baby during shots so please let baby hold the vibrating Kahlmi during the massage. Additional research has shown that local massage around injection site after vaccination dulls pain and enhances effectiveness of vaccines with significantly higher antibodies measured in a study with 124 infants.

Is Kahlmi™️ safe for baby?

Kahlmi exceeds all EU and US safety certifications and has been tested by independent third-party laboratories. It is baby safe & non-toxic and contains no BPA, PVC, LEAD and PHTHALATES.

Kahlmi uses the same low frequency vibration found in neonatal percussors. These devices are used by respiratory therapists and have been shown to be safe and effective for neonatal applications. Babies love vibrations because it mimics their experience in the womb. Many products on today’s markets (swings, rockers, bassinets, etc.) use gentle vibrations that mimic the womb, which help babies find comfort and relaxation. While many of these products encourage separation of baby and caretaker, Kahlmi is designed to be the first interactive device that brings parents and babies closer together. Calming vibrations engage baby’s developing tactile senses while allowing parents to engage in a bonding experience that will have a positive impact on both the baby and parent.

At what age can I use Kahlmi?

The Kahlmi is designed to be used with babies/tots ages 0-3+ year old. It is never too early or too late to introduce Kahlmi to baby. In fact, you can start massaging baby at birth by gently laying them on your chest and massaging their arms, back, neck, and legs. Once they are 3 weeks old, you can perform a full-massage when they are lying down. The Kahlmi is designed with three low-level vibrational settings so you can experiment to see which setting your baby likes best. Some older babies may need a little more time to adjust to daily massage. As with any routine, the key is to keep trying even a few minutes each day until your baby starts to anticipate your bonding time.

Are there instructions for using the Kahlmi massage wand?

Yes, at Kahlmi we know that the best baby massage starts with your decision to start performing massage on a consistent, daily basis. While there are many best practices, here is a quick guide to get you started. While you will want to follow these simple massage techniques, feel free to experiment with the wand and your hands to see what baby responds to best. There is no such thing as the perfect technique, perfect baby or the perfect parent. Baby massage is an interactive activity where you learn all about your baby’s likes and dislikes, which of course change often as they develop. It is part of a long journey of bonding and learning that will last a lifetime. 

How often should I massage baby with Kahlmi™️?

A daily massage habit has been shown to improve baby’s growth, neural, social, and cognitive development. The effects of Kahlmi are cumulative, meaning that the more you use it, the more benefits it will have for baby as well as parents. Use the Kahlmi as much as you’d like to help soothe baby at home and on the go while visiting the doctor, running errands or gatherings with family. Many parents report using Kahlmi 1-2 times a day, with morning and bedtime as the ideal times to massage baby.

What if my baby doesn’t like the Kahlmi or baby massage?

As we all know, trying to predict your baby’s moods and preferences is not always easy. The one thing we can predict about babies is that they are entirely unpredictable. Through our research, we have discovered that the main barrier to baby massage is parental frustration. Many parents have clear ideas about how massage should go and how babies should react, but it’s often not the case. Like any new sensation or activity, it takes time and consistent effort to establish a daily habit. We love hearing stories from parents whose babies went from being massage-resistant to loving their daily massage time. All it takes is a little time and dedication, and you will see a marked change in your baby both physically, emotionally and psychologically.

How do I know if baby is ready for massage?

Every massage needs to start with one question.“Are you ready for a massage?” Getting permission from your baby may seem silly, since they can’t answer you verbally, but you will soon learn that babies communicate wonderfully through gestures and other on-verbal cues. 

Baby learns to anticipate the question and will follow certain yes or no indicators:
“Yes” to massage: Smiling, making eye contact, reaching for you, happy wiggling.
“No" to massage: Crying, tensed muscles, clenched fists, squirming away.
And keep checking in with your baby during your massage practice. Look out for your baby’s cues throughout the massage and listen to what he/she is trying to tell you. Baby massage is all about learning about your baby’s needs, likes and dislikes which will change often. This is one reason why we encourage making baby massage a consistent part of daily life. 

Can baby hold the Kahlmi on their own and/or place in their mouth?

We have designed the Kahlmi wand to be easily grasped by baby’s tiny hands to learn self-soothing. Babies naturally gravitate toward Kahlmi soft vibrations and enjoy feeling the calming effects and handling the wand. Kahlmi is great for baby to hold when you need them to calm down, during diaper changes, during doctor visits, and any time baby needs a little extra soothing. 

Babies also love to put their mouth on Kahlmi since it the vibrations make it a great teething aid. This is entirely safe as the product contains no harmful chemicals and is all edible-grade silicone that is anti-microbial.

NOTE: Do NOT let baby chew on the Bathtime Bliss attachment due to the fragile nature of the silicone hairs.

What are the best times to massage baby?

Morning and bedtime are great times to begin massage. Look for signs that they are in a “quiet alert” state, which is usually after a bath or after a nap or sleep. Always wait 30-40 minutes after a feed to massage baby’s belly.

For how long should I massage baby each time?

Start with 5 minutes a day and work up to 20 minutes as your baby gets more comfortable. You will need to be flexible and take the lead from your baby. If baby gets fussy, you can always try later. Shorter and more frequent massages are best when babies are under 3 months and you can extend your massage sessions as baby gets older little by little.

Can I massage my mobile toddler or older child with the Kahlmi wand?

The need for touch and massage does not diminish just because baby gets older and more physically independent. Children enjoy positive touch, massage and interaction at all ages. You may just need to incorporate songs, music, floor mirror, movement and toys to keep them from getting distracted or moving too much.

The Kahlmi was also designed to keep active babies and older children busy while you massage with your hands. The vibrations help soothe them and you can give your child the Kahlmi to hold or use as a teether while you complete a hand massage.

Where is the best place to massage baby?

In a safe place free from any child hazards. A mat or soft rug on the floor is a great idea, but try to have some support for your back. Keep lights low, add in some soft music, and keep the room warm if you are removing clothes. Turn off your phone and try to give your baby your undivided attention. If you have older children, you can invite them to join and watch.


How do I care for and clean the Kahlmi™️?

The Kahlmi wand uses edible-grade silicone and is anti-microbial which means you can just use a damp washcloth to wipe it down after use. While the Kahlmi is water resistant and great for bathing your baby, you won’t want to submerge it in water. Always clean Kahlmi after every use. You should store Kahlmi away from extreme heat or cold. 

Caution: Do not use abrasive cleaners, alcohol, benzene, acetone or chemical cleaners on your Kahlmi wand as it may damage the finish.

Can I use baby massage oil with Kahlmi™️? Which oil is best?

Do NOT use baby lotion with Kahlmi as it can lead to corrosion. If you would like to perform an oil-based massage on baby, you can add a small amount of oil to use with Kahlmi or use the Kahlmi wand first and then finish with an oil massage using just your hands.


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What is your return policy?

We know babies love Kahlmi and are sure yours will love it, too. Give them time to get used to the sensation and they will begin to look forward to this soothing massage experience and your bonding time together. If for some reason baby and parent want to return Kahlmi, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee minus the cost of return shipping.