The Latest Articles and Baby Massage Research

The Brain-Boosting Secret Every Parent of a Baby Should Know

The findings suggest that massage, which increases alertness, improves cognitive performance in the moment, as well as in the long term.

BBC: Gently Stroking Babies Provides Pain Relief

A study from University of Oxford and Liverpool John Moores University monitored the brain activity of 32 babies while they had blood tests. Half were stroked with a soft brush beforehand and they showed 40% less pain activity in their brain. Touch was shown to have analgesic potential without the risk of side-effects.

Massage Therapy Facilitates Weight Gain in Preterm Infants

Studies from several labs have documented a 31 to 47% greater weight gain in preterm new-borns receiving massage therapy (three 15-min sessions for 5–10 days) compared with standard medical treatment.

Yes, You Can Actually Massage Your Baby to Sleep

Studies show that infants who are massaged by their parents before bed tend to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and stay asleep longer.

BBC: How A Simple Tummy Rub Can Change Babies’ Lives

Baby massage has been practiced in South Asia for centuries. Now scientists are discovering its life-saving potential.

Research Says Massage May Help Infants Sleep More, Cry Less And Be Less Stressed

New research from the University of Warwick found that infants who were massaged cried less, slept better, and had lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol compared to infants who did not receive massage. One of the studies examined also claimed that massage could affect the release of the hormone melatonin, which is important in aiding infants’ sleeping patterns.

Massage Helped Me Reconnect with My Baby

When babies are cared for gently and have their needs responded to, they are less likely to react as strongly to stressful situations and produce less of the hormone cortisol - massage is a way of responding to many needs."

Emotional Attachment: The Effects of Massage by Mothers on Mother-Infant Attachment

Massage given to premature babies by their mothers on a daily basis can promote and maintain emotional attachment between the mother and her infant.

Colic: Comparing Baby Massage and Rocking

This trial of massage treatment for infantile colic showed statistically significant or clinically relevant effect in comparison with the rocking group.

Infant Massage Improves Attitudes toward Childbearing, Maternal Satisfaction and Pleasure in Parenting

The Experimental group (EG) comprised of mothers who undertook infant massage in a postnatal program with a physical therapist once a week. The EG group experienced a stronger relationship with their babies and described it as more positive than mothers in the control group.

Snuggling Your Baby May Affect Their DNA

Little ones' development may very well be influenced by how much (or how little) close, comforting contact they receive, researchers note.