As the first handheld baby/child massager, Kahlmi's mission is to inspire and educate parents about the innumerable science-backed physical, neural, social/emotional and brain boosting benefits of infant massage for baby and their caretakers. Our goal has always been to advocate for baby massage in institutional medical and maternity settings so that all parents & caretakers have access and knowledge about this important ancient, science-backed practice.


By fostering connection and bonding at the earliest stage. Kahlmi's mission is to help families thrive and set up a lifetime value of communication, understanding and connection. When children are shown love, they feel respected, and in turn grow to be loving, respectful and secure adults which creates a healthier and more compassionate society.


Baby massage is one of the most powerful and natural therapeutic practices, dating back centuries to the Qing dynasty and used widely in India, Egypt and Africa for over 2,000 years. By introducing the therapeutic and nurturing aspects of baby massage to families around the world, we hope to create a more sustianable, natural and holistic approach to baby and family wellness.