Meet Our Expert Advisors

We've enlisted the help of professionals in the field of medicine, pediatric care, psychology, and physical and occupational therapy to provide us with their expert guidance to ensure the effectiveness and safety of Kahlmi massage system.

As a Pediatrician and Mom of three and Indian immigrant, I highly support baby massage. I personally did this for all three of my children as it’s a cultural norm in India but I was also aware of the health benefits of skin to skin contact in my medical training. Elina has created a simple effective tool that can help support parents through a tried and true ancient tradition from India that provides benefit to both babies and caretakers alike. 

The Kahlmi has been an indispensable tool when working with infants and babies. Since I work with babies who are tense, tight and overstressed, I have found using the KAHLMI an innovative way to enhance my sessions. It brings a sense of calm to the child's nervous system, which allows the muscles to also relax, making it easier for me to connect with the baby and ultimately assist them to move better.

I am very excited about the introduction of Kahlmi and the possibilities it may provide for positive experiences for both parents and newborns. Studies suggest that infant massage increases improvement in the quality of mother-child interactions. In addition, instruction in infant massage has been found to decrease stress in fathers. Research suggests other health benefits may include a reduction in infant stress hormones which can help your baby relax and sleep, and aid in the reduction of crying. 

Baby massage is a beautiful ancient practice of several cultures around the world. The superb quality of the Kahlmi baby massager grants you the opportunity to share this practice with your most precious loved one(s). Spending time with the Kahlmi baby massager supports soothing your baby's nervous system, relieving constipation and other digestive concerns, enhancing bonding time, improves sleep, and increases Oxytocin (our love hormone!).

I am excited to scream loud and proud about what a soothing success the Kahlmi has been for me as a mom and a pediatric physical therapist. As an early childhood clinician - I appreciate the boost that The Kahlmi has given many of my families to confidently incorporate massage on their own while at home between visits or traveling. As a mama, I’m glad my hands get a rest from massaging my own active and growing children. Highly, highly recommend this gem of a