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Kahlmi Baby Massage Cards
Jocelyne Turner
Love the Kahlmi massage cards 💙

My daughter and I love the Kahlmi massage cards. Not only are they gorgeous and well-constructed but they offer a variety of holistic supports for my little baby girl using touch. They’ve helped her with stomach issues and when she’s teething. We have incorporated a massage ritual after her bath time every night and her eyes light up when I pull out the massage card box. She knows that soothing touch and giggles are next on the agenda. Thank you for making such beautiful cards. We will put them to good use for years to come!

Kahlmi Baby Massage Cards
Savannah Meikamp
Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

My Best friend and I were chatting about baby massage and how we really wanted to implement it with our newborns, and then I discovered the Kahlmi cards!

I’m gifting them to her on her baby shower, this is the perfect gift :) can’t wait to order more products for myself!

Great tool in postnatal

I teach postnatal/ baby and me yoga and these cards have been such a hit in my classes. My clients are learning so much and the affirmations are gold (literally and figuratively). Seriously the cards are such a wonderful quality with gold foil. They’re just such a wonderful quality.


We don't use the kahlmi every day but there are definitely specific situations where I would not want to be without it. My little guy when he was a few months old and we didn't realize he had a dairy sensistivity would clench down on my nipples when he had stomach problems. Giving him the Kahlmi both to chomp on and also to do abdominal massage saved my nipples. Now that he's a year old and his teething is in full effect Kahlmi is a great support in helping reduce the discomfort that comes with that.

Amazing cards and so helpful!

I bought these for a dear college friend. She was interested in learning about baby massage for her newborn but didn't know where to start.
Cards are beautifully drawn and very easy to follow. She loved and raved about the cards and the mama messages that really boosted her mood every day.
Such a good baby shower gift.

Good product. Expensive.

Easy to use and handle.Provides very, very gentle massage.Good product but in my opinion very expensive at 149.00.

Helps my fussy baby

My newborn baby is always fussy after bath time it’s been 5 weeks and I’ve done everything he just can’t be settled so last night I tried the kalhmi massager for the first time after his bath and I was surprise he calmed down right away I will definitely adding it to our bed time routine. I also love the packaging it’s very high quality and love the eye sleep wear for sleep deprived mama like me.

Worth the investment

If you have a gassy and fussy baby and are looking to offer them relief then this massaging set is definitely worth a try. A higher price point but a really nice quality and designed to make it easy for you to help your baby.I didn’t originally intend to use this for teething relief but off course my curious baby wanted to put it in their mouth and then seemed to enjoy it. I think this is a great tool to have on hand and you will be surprised by how useful it can be.

for new mom who has everything else

To me this is more of a novelty item, something that you can do without, but it arrives nicely packaged and is as described. The high price tag indicates that it's not for everyone, but it could be the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom who has everything else :)

High quality

This baby massager is a very high quality tool. It comes very nicely packaged, and works so well! My baby will just sit for as long as I’m using it. She’s even fallen asleep a few times while I was massaging her back. My 3 year old loves it too, and asks me to use it on him just about every day, now.

We are loving our Kahlmi baby massager. We have been doing baby massage after bathtime since our son was born. He has always been a hyper-active and hyper-sensitive baby and massage has helped to calm him down at bedtime but the Kahlmi massager goes beyond and almost instantly calms him down to help him fall asleep faster and deeper. Our son is 2-years old so has some speech and each night at bedtime asks for “massage” and often wants to do it himself! We are so happy with the quality and softness of the material and just have nothing negative so say. I would recommend for all new parents.

Really neat

So good to have to massage baby. It also makes a good gift

fantastic baby/mother item

I found Kahlmi when my son was about half a year old -- definitely wish I would have found it even sooner! I was a big fan of baby massage (it helped with gas and digestion and was also just nice), and then I found Kahlmi's videos on Instagram. I was drawn to Elina's explanations and the approach and tested out some of the movements. When I saw the baby massager, I was quite instantly sold.

Packaging and value: it's clear that it is a luxury item, and I loved how it was so clearly designed for both baby and mother. Already the box is fantastic (I keep mine on the bedside table) and the packaging very well put together. You'll find a helpful info booklet, two heads to accompany the "standard" one and a silky eye cover for mama. There is also a transport bag included for taking Kahlmi on trips (which you will want to do). The massager feels very high quality, the silicone is nice and smooth and the controls are intuitive.
Use: our Kahlmi gets a lot of use. Now when my son is almost 11 months, it's very helpful for teething. Mind that from the very start, when we got it, he started to grab Kahlmi by himself and figured out the vibro button as well. Intuitive for babies as well! When he was smaller, I used it more for his tummy and also (very lightly) for his head. He used to love that (I would very gently caress his head above the eyebrows), he enjoyed that a lot. Mind that the light is on the handle so if using near the face/eyes, make sure that the light faces away from your baby's eyes!
Support: I had an issue with my Kahlmi (it wouldn't start after the first charge). I was a bit scared, because I'm based in the EU and ordering from the States was quite an expensive affair what with the fees... Upon inquiring what would be the best course of action, Elina personally contacted me -- which was already amazing -- but then I was contacted by a local representative, here in Estonia, who was also unbelievably helpful and delivered a new one to my door. I felt genuinely appreciated as a customer, not to mention how much I appreciate that as a new mother, Kahlmi was definitely considerate of the stress levels and not adding to the burdens. I still can't believe my issue was simply fixed in 24 hours. Epic customer support! The replacement has worked absolutely with no errors (and with a long-lasting battery life, we use it pretty much daily and get around a month's use on one charge).

Now the big question -- is it worth it?
Yes. There are some pricy baby items that unfortunately seem like a gimmick, but Kahlmi is a wonderful product designed with baby AND mother needs in mind (little details like the teething horns on the bottom, for example). I think I would compare it to Artipoppe Zeitgeist -- you might look at the price tag and go, ok this is a bit steep for a baby item... Until you actually receive and use it. I'm positive every new mom would love to receive this as a super thoughtful gift.

Great way to bond with little one

This baby massager is super nice and can be used for so many things not the least of which is bonding with your baby. Before my baby was born I did a lot of research on the benefits of massages for things like improving sleep, colic, boosting immune system, blood flow, gas etc and found that many mothers around the world have been doing this for decades. You obviously don’t need a pricey device to do this however it certainly makes it easier and has lots of added benefits. This is good high quality silicone that is so soft your baby can actually chew on it. The gentle vibrations and small size make it easy for little ones to hold and it’s a great teether for sore gums. I have found nightly massages a great way to bond with my child and a good way to relax them at night. This is a bit pricy but considering the high quality I understand why. This would also make a wonderful gift for any expecting parents.

New“toy”for my baby!!

Wow, I received a very nice gift box, what's in the box: Kahlmi soothing stick x 1, interchangeable massage heads x 3, long-lasting rechargeable battery x 1, soft travel pouch x 1, USB charging cable x 1. Comes with 1 year warranty warranty.I opened the package and used it, it feels very good to the touch, the quality is great, no smell! There are three massage heads in the Kahlmi gift box. Daily baby massage can soothe, calm and relax the baby, and is suitable for use before nap and bedtime. Acu-Touch is used for stimulating body massage and acupressure for feet and hands. When used around the jawline, it also helps relieve teething pain. Bathtime Bliss soothes and cleanses baby during the bath.

Well made and gentle

The massager has three different settings, hight medium and low making it great for babies and small children in all different stages. The instructions are detailed and easy to understand. The massager is rechargeable and includes a USB cord. I was skeptical about this actually working for gassy babies but low it behold it works like magic. The face mask is fairly strangle to me, as it is for adults and nowhere does it mention use for adults, however the mask it very silky and soft.

Interesting concept for soothing fussy babies

This device raised my eyebrows, as it's basically an extremely gentle vibrator designed for babies. I ordered it for my little one with sensory needs, as he loves different sensations on his skin. It calmed a fussy spell quickly, but then he immediately got bored with it and won't go back to it. My older child though enjoys it more.It charges via USB-C, so no worries about losing a proprietary charger. The interchangeable heads are fun, and add different textures to the massage.Despite it being well made, $150 is too much for this. Maybe I'd think differently if I had a colicky newborn or if my son was teething? For teething, it might be a lifesaver, as the gentle vibration would probably feel wonderful on sore gums.

Kahlmi Baby Massager for Baby Constipation, Gas Relief, Colic Calm, and Baby Sleep Aid

this actually has not been used yet on a baby as the I am waiting for the my grandchild to arrive. I love the concept and turned it on. It has very gentle massage mode

Kahlmi Complete Baby Massager
Matthew Switzgable
Good for stomach discomfort.

Helps the baby dela with stomach issues. Good variety of smothers. The blindfold helps keep the baby relaxed from overwhelming stimulation.

Useful for the entire family!

This has three settings which makes it perfect for the whole family. I do think the price is a bit high but it is well made and very easy to operate. It comes with detailed instructions that are easy to understand. I am confused about the mask because there is no mention of it anywhere but if an adult is using it, it's very comfortable. I tried it on my grandson and was so impressed on how he reacted. Was calmed right down from being fussy all day! My older grand daughter enjoyed the message and I myself thought it was relaxing. I like the three different heads that comes with it and that it's rechargeable. The charge lasts a long time!

great for gassy babies

The massager has worked wonders for my gassy baby. He gets bowelled up and gassy and screams for hours. This massager has multiple heads and gently helps massage the gas out of him. This provides gentle pressure that is soothing and helps move the trapped gas. I would recommend this massager.

Kahlmi Complete Baby Massager
White Rice & Soy Sauce
My little guy loves this

My little guy loves this. We have incorporated this into his bed time routine. It gets him to relax and helps him sleep. Overall product is build very well and is soft to the touch. It made of a silicone material and is vee to clean if needed. Definitely recommend this massager for the baby.


This is amazing it helps to calm my infant down and really helps everyone in the house because she is not screaming it is very easy to use and there are so many different uses for it!

Great product

I am very satisfied with the product. my toddler loves to work on the massage zones himself. It's just a shame that I had to pay a high customs fee for importing it to Austria.

Great product