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Highly Recommend and Great Service!

As a new mom, I had no clue what I was doing. I stumbled upon Kalhmi’s page and used all the massage techniques with my then infant and still use them today (now a toddler), and I genuinely believe that all these techniques have helped my daughter from gas to teething pains. As soon as I saw that Elina was coming out with an infant massager, I signed up for the waitlist immediately. It was a game-changer once it arrived! A year later (almost), my daughter now picks it up and turns it on herself, and uses it when she is teething. I had some trouble with my product recently, and when I reached out, Elina resolved the issue immediately. I have to say I was so impressed as I was not expecting to hear from anyone. I highly recommend this for babies, this is an ingenious idea, and the company has excellent customer service. Win-win!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Kimberly De Cicco
Game changer!

The Kahlmi has been an absolute game changer for my son. We started using the Kahlmi when my little one was only 2 weeks old and has become a part of our daily routine. We use the Kahlmi for for tension, gas, bonding and more recently, teething. A must have product for any parent.

Love it!

We are loving the Kahlmi! My 14 month old has been teething and loves putting it in his mouth. The low vibrations seem to really soothe his gums. My four year old also loves it and begs to use it. Thank you for such a great product!

Worth it!

Baby Massage was always something I did with my first kiddo - now 2.5 years old - but Kahlmi is a game changer with my second. It is an INSTANT soother. Our second, now 6 months, loves his Kahlmi and we use it before his naps and before bedtime - it's a great part of our wind down routine and also a reliable signal to him that it's time to prepare to rest. Our toddler even helps out with the massage! 10/10 recommend. I have two - one for my diaper bag and one to keep at home.

Travel must have!

I got the massager for our trip to Columbia. I first introduced Kahlmi at home after a small tantrum, which is how they suggest you do it and it was magic! Her sad face suddenly turned into a soft gentle and relaxing smile. Here is Kennedy enjoying a gentle, self-administered massage while sitting in Medellin traffic. Genius!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Lindsay Krizek
Baby loves

Our baby loves this. Now that she is teething it has become a huge help with discomfort. We use this pretty much every day for massage, and she especially loves when we use the acupressure end on her feet. Highly recommend this if you are thinking about it. It’s well worth it and your baby will thank you!


My 7 month old loves the Kahlmi! She’s always been a velcro baby and loves being held and touched. The Kahlmi wand seems to really soothe her and make her calm, it’s become a really nice ritual for us and allows for a moment of bonding and presence. The quality of the product is beautiful too - really well made, soft, and something you don’t second guess about touching your precious baby with! Love it

Essential for babies!

My son (9 month old) loves massages. I came across this product on instagram. I was hesitant to buy it at first cause why bother if I can use my hand for massages. I finally gave it a shot and it was a game changer for us. We were having rough nights due to teething, my son had restless nights then I took Kahlmi out and massaged his body, he fell asleep right away! Now Kahlmi is part of our routines, car rides and shopping. It soothes my baby, I love how calm he gets during and after our massages. I also use it on me when I have headaches and muscle pains and honestly it works wonders for my family!

Great Massage Device

Bought Kahlmi for my toddler (2.5yrs). He’s always been a massage junkie since I made massage a part of our bedtime routine since he was a baby at 5mos. Kahlmi is well made, the everyday massage head is so soft! There’s no weird chemical smell like in some silicone plates and cups. I was a little afraid it would be too strong but it’s just right. My toddler loves the Kahlmi. He says “asaj” after I put on his pajamas and requests to get a massage on his shoulder and neck as he points to the Kahlmi. He clearly loves getting a head and face massage and sighs “aaahhhh” and smiles. There’s basic instructions and different massage techniques using the Kahlmi yhat comes with the package. If you are on Instagram their account @getkahlmi is a great resource for baby massage, toddler massage and beyond 😊

Love it!

My little girl (almost 10mo actual, 7mo adjusted age) loves the kahlmi wand! First time I used it, she grabbed it and loved holding it in her palms. That's especially great, because in PT we're working on getting her to open her hands more. I started massaging one foot with it. and she put her other foot on it too! She loves to grab it and put it on or by her mouth. It's part of our daily routine now and both momma and baby love it!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
John Jackson
Great Product, Great Service

My wife and I ordered the Kahlmi for our infant son, and he immediately took to it. Unfortunately, our model lost the ability to charge within a month or so. After contacting Elina, she quickly had another out for us in no time. Great service, we have recommended this to family, friends, and work colleagues with small children.

Great product

Absolutely love this product. We bought this for the first time seeing it so much on social media. And swear by it. We use it so much in our day to day routine. The customer service is impressive. Will definitely share this with my mama friends.

Great tool!

This is a great versatile tool that I use to help wind my son down. I also just learned how it can help with teething watching an example on Khalmi’s instagram and my son loves it. At first I was hesitant at the price but felt the peace of mind that comes with knowing it was designed and made safe for little ones was worth it !

A Calm an Relaxing Bedtime Routine Addition

We use this almost every night starting at 3m with my now 6mo. Our little guy started teething around 2.5m and had his first two teeth finally appear right before he turned 5m. I think this helped soothe the pain because he didn't seem too bothered by them rupturing and just nursed a little extra the nights they emerged. One of his favorite things is holding onto it and using it to teethe while I massage him with olive oil. After I get his jammies on I use the massager on his legs, feet, tummy, and arms. I have read how massage helps muscle tone, and he seems pretty strong, so I think the massager has probably helped with that. I definitely notice a difference in his pooping between days we use the massager and days we don't. The foot massage with the Kahlmi is one of the best ways to help him pass any blockages! We haven't used it in the tub, but all the heads are fun to use.

Recommended ✨

I love using this with my 7mo.
It has quickly formed part of our bedtime routine and is a lovely bonding experience for us.
She likes to put it in her mouth (like everything else at 7mo) and it has a soothing effect as she is starting teething.
The guides are helpful and enabled me to get started straight away.
I also use it to assist with lactation.
Multifunctional and worth the investment.
Ordered from UK as couldn’t find anything comparable on the market over here.
Also, great design and stylish!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Melanie Wattles
Helpful Tool

The packaging is lovely and includes the wand 3 different heads , charger, bag and guides. The product is comfortable to handle and easy to charge. I like the different heads for different massages. I think some babies will respond well to using this product.

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Jigyasa Singh
Love it

I absolutely love the KAHLMI Baby Massager. We are totally obsessed with it and as a new mom it makes our life so so much easier. I cant recommend this enough.
Works great with the baby for poops, burps and also i use it as a lactation massager while lactation.

baby loves it

great packaging, i keep it on display in the box in the nursery. baby loves the massage, really does help with poos, burps and relaxation. also doubles as a massager when pumping.

Wonderful tool for parents!

First, the packaging for the wand is 10/10, so well thought out and beautiful! I was so excited to just open the box and see everything!! My baby is 6 months and loves to put it in his mouth. We are working up to longer massages, right now it’s just a few minutes. My 2 year old also likes to give himself a facial massage with it!
Such a great product! Easy to use and easy to clean!

Very thoughtfully designed

The Kahlmi is designed so thoughtfully and beautifully. My 12-month old is teething and the vibrations are soothing to her sore gums. It's also a nice way to connect and relax after bath time before bed. I bet it would have been calming and helpful for gas and fussiness when she was a little younger, too! I am clueless when it comes to baby massage on my own so I really appreciated the helpful guidance included with the wand. A really well made product we will use for a long time.

A relaxing way to bond

I was a little sceptical of the concept before I tried it, but both me and my baby really loved the Kahlmi. It was such a great way to interact with and bond with my newborn. I followed the included guide on baby massage, and used the gentlest setting on my baby. The instructions couldn’t have been easier to follow. He was calm and relaxed the whole time. The gentle vibration seemed to soothe him. I’m looking forward to trying out the other massaging heads and different techniques as he grows.

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Kristin Horwath, PT, DPT, NTMTC, CNT
Great therapy tool and baby approved!

As a pediatric and neonatal touch and massage certified therapist, I use the Kahlmi baby massager as a tool to enhance a baby's massage experience in our mommy & baby massage classes and in therapy sessions. It is gentle and easy to use for therapist and parent. The Kahlmi wand helps parents carryover the massage techniques with relaxing their baby at home! There are so many benefits of massage for babies, and my goal is for parents to feel comfortable performing massage with their own baby.

Magical baby toy????

Well this thing is amazing 🤩 my son is 12 months and teething really bad right now, overall a lot of fussiness. I started using the Kahlmi wand with him and it’s night and day!!!! He calms down right away and is so intrigued by this toy!!! The gentle vibration soothes him whether it’s during a diaper change or a long car ride. He’s obsessed that he can hold it and put up to his cheek himself and most importantly chew on it. Win win for me and worth the price!!! I’m going to work on all the different ways to use on him for massage and bath time and another bonus is being able to use as a lactation massager for clogs!!! Love love love this massage wand!!!!

Must have!

This has been a life saver for teething and constipation with starting solids! Beautiful addition to our routine with our little one. Highly recommend for new parents!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Alexandria Nguyen
Must have baby item

First off the packaging was absolutely gorgeous! Everything was presented so nice and neat! I’ve used the KAHLMI multiple times already on my infant and toddler since receiving it. It’s definitely been a lifesaver for my teething infant. My toddler has been loving his massages before bed. Definitely on the top of my favorite baby products list