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The massager was a wonderful gift for my 7 month old granddaughter. The course instruction book which I also purchased was very helpful.
Customer service was over the top.
Great company and product.
Well deserved 5 star review!!

Complete Baby Massager
Dr. Sandy Martinez
Pediatric Chiropractor Approved!

Since implementing this in office my babies and parents love it! Soft tissue therapies are so important for adults AND BABIES. The fascia, which is what is being addressed during massages, needs constant stimulation; ESPECIALLY DURING THE DEVELOPMENTAL PHASES OF INFANTS. Thank you Kahlmi for creating an amazing tool in helping our future generations grow and live naturally healthy.

Baby 101 Course book/Massager

On my previous review I gave one star for the course book because I thought I never received it. I am the grandmother and purchased these 2 items for my daughter in law and my first granddaughter.
I was under the impression that the course instructions would be mailed to me and not sent to me by email.

This was clearly stated in the explanation of the course instructions when I ordered it online. I apologize for my 1 star review.

I do want to add that not only are the products 5 stars but so is the customer service by Elina Furman Certified Infant Massage instructor.

She did not only call me immediately but she also resolved my problem within hours of my review by resending the course instructions which I thought I did not receive.
highly recommend Kahimi, founder Elina Furman and all products on her website.

I wish all businesses operated like she does. And once again apologies for my previous review.

Baby Massage Cards
Connie Schultz

Bought this for my great grandson as he was born with chrom 13 and thought it would be a great gift for Mom and Dad and Baby..He's still in hosp but will be home soon..Thinking it will be something great for them all to do..

Pro Baby Massager
Kristen Noelle
my infant loves this!

i just got it and started using it and she loves it!

When i got my hands on this, i had already seen quite a few of the methods and these have been in use with my baby. So really it is the basics. It also had some neat tricks i didn't know. I have seen more comprehensive books on baby massage but as basics this book is great(and has tips i haven't seen). Quite short, well illustrated. Easy to read, even if you are an exhausted parent.

Baby Massage Cards
Lily Brunner
Perfect Gift

I gifted the cards to my sister for her second child she had in Feb. I am really excited to try some of the massage techniques on my neice when I go and visit next month! My sister loves the beautiful artwork/messages.

Overall a beautiful, inspiring, and helpful gift for a new parent!

Baby Massage Cards
vanessa lamb
Wonderful Deck

These cards are not only gorgeous but they are extremely helpful to bond with baby in a different way. Sometimes I feel it’s easy to get stuck on autopilot but it’s great to be able to pull a card or 2 and have some new ideas to massage your little one. A wonderful gift to give a new mom as well. 🫶

Baby Massage Cards
Kenya Barba
Beautiful and wonderful

The cards have help guide me on including massage into my daily routine with my baby, we have really enjoyed it! Not to mention the great quality; they are beautifully made (the poster is very helpful too)!

Baby Massage Cards
Samantha Fogelson
Boosts a Mama’s Confidence and Baby’s Peace

Omg. Get these cards!!! I stumbled upon this deck a couple times on Instagram and finally decided to buy it because I wanted a resource for tough nights with my baby that didn’t include using my phone. Second baby and she is so different than my first! I didn’t have to work for my firstborn’s first year and with my second, I was back at work at 10 weeks. Ugh. Between potential anxiety (I know my own nervous system is disregulated) and colic (didn’t want to claim it as such but it just seems to be the case) my poor girl has such. Rough. Nights. And I was feeling hopeless! All I knew to do was try to burp her, airplane hold, or feed her. Otherwise I’d have to put her in the car seat and go for a drive until she calmed down. One night my husband and I nearly broke because of how much she was waking. Then I pulled out this deck that arrived in the mail a couple days prior and HOLY MOLY! The variety of cards will serve SO many purposes! Gas, sleep, teething, immunity, and mobility! I’m shook. So beyond excited to have this resource. And it’s just so beautiful too!!!! The mama affirmations on the other side serve ME just as much. I love being able to serve, calm, and connect with my baby. I was feeling so helpless. And now I am so excited to pull cards and place them on my vanity for the circulating needs my daughter has. Thank you for this deck!!!

Def considering this for any expecting friends too 🤍

It’s never too early to start the benefits of massage!

I bought this for my grandson and daughter. As a lifelong believer and practitioner of baby massage, this was must-have. Added plus—he now knows how to turn it on and uses it for teething. And awesome customer service and support. There was an issue with holding a charge, and easy peasy, from email to replacement within a week. Thank you Elina!

Such a wonderful gift!

My newest grandson is six weeks old and has a gassy tummy. The complete baby massager is a lifesaver helping with the discomfort. Thank you so much!!

Too Exciting

I got this for my 1 year old granddaughter who is notoriously difficult to get to sleep and doesn't stay asleep. Report from her parents is that she loves this so much and is so excited that using it is counter-productive. They will continue to use this in the hopes that it becomes more "normal" and not so exciting. We will see.

Thank you so much Anne for letting us know. So happy to hear she is loving the Kahlmi, but sad to hear she is not sleeping well. The Kahlmi offers three levels of vibrations which allows for different intensity levels depending on the age of the baby as well as the time of day. While some babies prefer the highest setting for teething or a more stimulating morning massage, we recommend the lower setting for naptime/bedtime as it is provides a more calming effect.

Pro Baby Massager
Jessica Mims
Every mom should have one

I absolutely love this baby massager. My daughter is almost 2.5 and I use it on her daily to help calm her nervous system before naps and bedtime. She loves holding it too. The gentle vibration is so soothing. I only wish I had it since she was born. I recently took it with us on a trip and in the airport I noticed a mom struggling to get her baby to relax and sleep in the busy airport, so I let her use it. It immediately started soothing the baby and helped him get to sleep.

Hi Jessica, So happy your toddler is loving the Kahlmi. It's so good for their nervous system to receive a massage daily and really calms them before bed. Babies love to hold it as the vibrations relax them and boosts natural melatonin levels. And of course, they can put in their mouth for teething. So happy it helped you and the other baby during travel. It's a life savor for planes and long car rides.

Love the cards and wonderful customer service

These cards are absolutely beautiful and well thought out. I can't wait to start using the massage techniques on my baby. There was an issue with my first order and I was immediately sent a replacement. Amazing customer services and I would highly recommend the cards.

Thank you Lucy. Hope the cards bring you and your baby so much joy and comfort.

Baby loves it…

My LO loves this oil, which I use with the massage cards after his bath at night. It gives us a beautiful ritual to do together and gets him ready for bed.

Exactly what I hoped…

Soothing for mommy’s spirit and wonderful for bonding with your LO. The massage cards are beautiful and informative for calming the baby with touch. Thank you for this lovely tool.

Baby Massage Cards
Michelle Buurma
Love the Massage Cards!

I've really enjoyed using the massage cards, and my daughter loves them! She recently had a runny nose, and I followed the cards to do some facial massages. It really helped her relax, and also helped her breathing and congestion!

Pro Baby Massager
Josefina Rojas
Don’t Think Twice!

I wanted the baby massager since my son was born and I regret not buying it since then! I massaged him daily and finally decided to buy it because it was part of his bedtime routine. Within a few days he dropped a night time feed! He does not “fuss” in his sleep like he used, it’s solid deep sleep.

I also ran into the issue of my massager not functioning properly and Elina replaced it with no problem.

Kahlmi baby massage oil

This is nice baby massage oil. It's also great for adults as well. It has a really nice natural kind of earthy scent and it's very pleasant. It is light and not overly strong. The oil rubs in nicely but isn't greasy and makes the skin soft but not oily or too slick. This is a nice gift for a new parent as it's something most people probably wouldn't buy for themselves. Definitely nice to have for that colicky baby or just as a nice night time ritual.

A little bit goes a long way!

I appreciate that even though it seems like a small package, this baby massage oil should last a while.A tiny bit goes a long way. It leaves baby skin soft but not greasy.It has a pleasant smell, it's soothing.Lovely and gift ready!Highly recommend! I hope you find my review helpful.

Smells great, feels great

We use this nightly on the little guys and it's very pleasant. It smells wonderful and I don't necessarily know about a calming effect but the whole process itself is lending to a calmer evening. Plus it feels nice and smooth and there have been zero bad reactions, so I am very pleased.


This oil makes my baby's skin so soft and hydrated. It isn't the most best smelling oil but that is expected because it is a combination of natural oils. I usually mix this with the shea moisture lavender baby oil and rub it on her at night. She becomes so velvety soft. This is also very helpful for belly massages. I use this to massage my little one's belly when she is having trouble with gas or hasn't had bowel movements. My hands are able to glide very easily. 100% recommend! Will buy more when I run out!

100% Organic

I like that it's 100% organic and cruelty free. It helps with a calming massage experience also.

Easy to apply

I didn't get a picture, because my hands were covered in the massage oil, but I gave my 3 month old a little baby massage and he loved every second of it. This has just the faintest scent and doesn't have extra added fragrances that could be bad for your baby's skin. It's such a great way to bond with your baby! I love it!