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Long wait but worth it !!! My heart and soul
Loves this massager … GET IT … even if it takes time for you pride and joy to love it ….it’s worth it !!!!!

Love it

I always loved the idea of massaging my baby this makes it fun and he loves it for teething highly recommend plus all the help you get is great

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Amazing product, Esp great for babes with extra needs

My son Callum was born with Down Syndrome and Imperforate Anus. He had a colostomy bag for his first 7 months. When I heard about Kahlmi I knew it would be great to use for any GI discomfort, and also to help treat his nystagmus. Callum also has hypotonia so we are always doing all over massage to help activate his little muscles, Kahlmi has already made our lives so much easier! And it looks and feels so nice in our hands!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Rebecca Wells-Gonzalez
A wonderful option for baby and parent!

I pre ordered the Kahlmi in February and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive! I discovered baby massage shortly after my son was born and I was doing okay, but wanted to have the option of the massage wand as a way to enhance the massage experience for both of us. It was like Christmas when it came! The packaging was luxurious and it was fully charged, so I used it right away! The timing was great- I was okay at as massage for him at this point thanks to the Instagram page and the helpful tips there, but my son had started teething and there wasn’t anything I could do to help him get through that painful process. I used the massage wand and he grabbed it immediately and began massaging his own gums. He relaxed so quickly and his face was so serene, I was amazed! He slept like a rock. We have since used it for baby massage time after bath and it’s been a great addition to our routine.

Everyone I know talks about difficulty with baby sleeping, teething pain, gas- we haven’t had issues with any of these (outside the first couple weeks of gas when he was brand new to food, and I wasn’t baby massaging yet…hmmm). He has slept through the night consistently with no sleep training since he was about 3 months old, and only really woke once a night after six weeks or so. Two teeth broke through in a week without too much crying or pain (we did use Tylenol as well, but the massage helped to soothe and calm!). He is just a wonderful, happy baby and massage has a HUGE part in that- I am so happy that we found Kahlmi so early on!

Thank you Kahlmi for your how to videos and for your awesome product! It’s super easy to use, has a great design, and we love it. It’s also a really sleek design so that’s a plus!

Gentle and efficient

Kahlmi puts together the power of a healing massage and the comfort of a nice touch. It is very gentle and perfect for my little bunny delicate 2-month-old baby skin. The device comes with a premium package with detailed and easy instructions showing how I can get the best of it to care for my baby boy’s health. He loves Kahlmi and totally relaxes every time we have a massage session before bedtime or when he is fussier, constipated or challenged with the baby growth spurts.

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Skyler Knight
My 5 month old’s favorite toy!

This thing is pretty cool. It definitely seems to relax my baby and also help him poop! He had started going only once a week which I know is in the normal range but he seemed to be fussing more and straining and not going but he has been much more regular since receiving the Kahlmi. He loves the knobby head on his tummy it makes him squeal! Using it on the bottoms of his feet make him giggly too. Mostly he just seems fascinated by it and loves grabbing it and holding onto it or trying to mouth it to figure out what this thing is. Im excited to try to use it in the water also! It charges fast and feels very high quality. It is a great reminder to get some extra pampering in. As a massage therapist I highly recommend this massager to help connect with and even calm your baby. It’s great!

So helpful for gas and congestion!

I have been following Kahlmi on IG for a while and have loved utilizing Elina's massage techniques with my newborn. Once she came out with the baby massager I knew we would love it. I utilize it the most for when my daughter has gas and it works so quickly each time (that foot reflexology is magic). We've also recently used it for congestion and it allowed her to sleep better. I love the instructional handout that comes with it too--so helpful! Highly recommend this tool!

Kahlmi Baby Massager
Cecilia Unpingco
In LOVE with it!

My son is in love with Kahlmi! I did the colic and constipation circle massage on his belly and he started passing gas & had a bowel movement right after!

Love it!

Just received the Kahlmi massage wand and already love it. Such a beautiful product. It looks and feels like a well created product. My baby was overtired and couldn't fall asleep so I rubbed her with some oil and used her wand on her skin and she calmed down and fell asleep within 10 minutes and had a really nice length lap despite her teething. Thank you so much Kahlmi.


I tried this on a whim because we have been dealing with gassy baby for 3 months. I tried everything before. I got the Kahlmi and started using twice a day for belly massage. It's been night and day since. She passes gas much better now and seems calmer and happier overall.