We are so excited to announce that the Kahlmi baby massage wand is the winner of this year’s iF Design Award, the world-renowned design prize. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF Design Award. The iF Design Awards have been around since 1953, bestowing recognition on outstanding designs every year. This year, Kahlmi won over the 132-member jury, made up of independent design experts from all over the world. The competition was intense: almost 11,000 entries were submitted from 57 countries in hopes of receiving this prestigious seal of quality.

"I am so proud and incredibly honored to have the Kahlmi recognized by the iF Design Awards. Baby massage is one of the most important factors leading to strong neonatal and maternal/paternal outcomes. Recognition for the Kahlmi baby massager on this global level continues to bring awareness to the first water resistant, low-vibrational baby massage tool that helps parents embrace the bonding and nurturing aspects of infant massage while helping babies dealing with colic, sleeplessness, and baby gas and constipaton.” - Founder and CEO Elina Furman.


Modern Design Inspired by Ancient Traditions

Elina Furman, Kahlmi’s founder and CEO, is a certified infant massage instructor and mother of two. She designed the Kahlmi according to the ancient principles of baby massage combined with modern science. She working alongside top medical and wellness professionals to create the first baby massager.

Even though baby massage is a relatively new practice in the western world, there is evidence of this practice “dating back over 3000 years in regions. Even today in these countries infant massage is still considered a routine part of childcare.” It was not until the mid-1970s that baby massage became known in the western world, thanks to Vimala McClure, who observed infant massage as a regular part of the day in an orphanage while in India. She later wrote the first book on the practice and helped baby massage become better known.

With these ancient practices in mind and the benefits of baby massage that are now widely understood, this state-of-the-art baby massager was conceived. The massager was created to conform to a baby’s smaller anatomical scale and inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls. The Kahlmi baby massage wand features anti-microbial, edible-grade silicone, water resistance, Acu-feel technology, and three interchangeable massage heads for a variety of sensory experiences.


Outstanding Features of the Kahlmi

  • Low vibration and whisper quiet: Because the Kahlmi is designed especially for babies, the vibration level is specific for the needs of a baby age and stage with 3 different baby-safe, gentle vibration levels. It is also whisper quiet to avoid startling or over-stimulating baby with loud noises.
  • Edible-grade, soft silicone: Everyone knows the first place a baby puts something is in their mouth, which is why this massager is made from edible grade, soft silicone, allowing your baby to explore the device without worry.
  • Water-resistant: One of the best places to calm and sooth your baby is while they are having a bath and with the Kahlmi being water-resistant, it allows you to do just that.
  • Light and portable: With its small and light design, parents can take the Kahlmi baby massage wand with them wherever they need, giving them the ability to help and calm their babies on-the-go, whether at in the car, at the doctor or at the park. Just throw the Kahlmi in your diaper bag and go!


Three Massage Heads, Unlimited Benefits

 The Kahlmi massage wand comes with three changeable massage heads, offering innumerable benefits.

  • Daily Soothe: This will be your go to head. It is perfect for calming and relaxing baby and ideal for use before naps and bedtime.
  • Acu-Touch: This is how you should start your day with baby! With a head that stimulates acupressure massage, it is perfect for first thing in the morning to stimulate their muscles. Ideal to use on feet and hands and to help sooth teething pain when used around the jaw.
  • Bathtime Bliss: With its water-resistant design, you can use the Kahlmi massage wand during bathtime to help sooth and clean your baby. If you are struggling with cradle cap, make sure to use this massage head during the bath to help with flake removal.


Baby Safe, Gentle Vibrations 

Vibrations have been shown to be a safe and effective way to calm babies. Kahlmi is designed to provide low-frequency vibrations that can help to increase blood flow, calm restlessness, decrease crying and release muscle tension. Based on scientific measurements, the frequency of vibrations can be adjusted to align with your growing baby. Every parent wants to support their infant and baby through all their developmental milestones and challenges and this massager help them do that. Whether it is a dreaded 4th month ssleep regression, baby gas, restlessness, teething, baby colic or one of the many other obstacles you will face together, the Kahlmi massager will be there to soothe and help.

It shouldn’t be a secret that children respond favorably to touch, massage and vibration. Vibrations remind your baby of the gentle vibrations experienced in the womb, but vibrations are not enough. Kahlmi soothes babies while fostering a bond between parent and child through daily meaningful interaction which allows you to not only help baby grow and develop but form a loving bond and secure attachment. Kahlmi combines safely distributed low-level vibration with parental interaction to create the seamless bonding and soothing experience of baby massage. What better way to bring baby and parent together!


 Previous Awards

Alongside our newly awarded iF Design Award, our patent pending Kahlmi design had the honor of winning the Muse Design Awards and the NY Product Design Award; prestigious awards, recognizing outstanding design.



To start your baby massage journey, order the award-winning, pediatrician recommended Kahlmi massage wand today.